Washing Machine Repair – Usual Problems Associated With Washing Machine Timer

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The washing machine timer assists in the operationtion of the washing machine in a stable manner. It aids in offering the power supply to all the parts of the washing maker in a even way.

It contains a button for controlling the time and also it is taken into consideration as the most important dial on the primary control panel of the equipment. It varies according to the brand of the washer. Some brand name machines have such feature in the form of a mechanical dial and it looks like a clock. Some other brands have digital electronic version and this assists in checking out the time.

The timer operates the washer to start washing clothes in the specific specified length of time. The start switch in the device is usually a component of the timer knob and assists in the setup of the time for the proper cycle of washing to take place.

Different types

The washing machine can operate only with the help of the timer. The timer is normally understood as the start button for the washer. A mechanical variation is considered as the ideal and also it aids in controlling the time for washing the clothes by hand.

Common problems

The washing machine timer is in charge of managing a lot of the functions in the equipment as well as the control affects on the washer, tub  filling as well as draining procedure, setting of water degree, setup of washing cycle as well as the duration of washing. The typical issues arising are loose connections with the timer switch.

Often it reveals a malfunctioning timer and the whole washing procedure is impacted. The selector handles ends up being loosened as well as occasionally might also get damage due to being defective. The timer is linked to digital wires and also damages in the cord may cause the symptom of the incorrect time. Sprinkling of the water also results in the non-working timer. The damage of the wires inside the washing machines additionally create the very same outcome.


The timer included as a feature plays an important function in the correct performance of the washing machine. It is connected to majority of the parts as well as functions of the washer. Correct performance is vital, otherwise it affects the functioning of the washing machine. The repair work can not be made independently as well as it needs the knowledge pertaining to the technological history of the washing machines. Therefore it is suggested to service as well as fix the timer with the suggestions as well as assistance of the professional appliance repair technician.

The timer ought to be constantly kept dry for appropriate functioning of the equipment. Considering that it is online linked, spraying of water and various other oily components or soapy water causes the damages of the timer. After the washing cycle, it ought to be kept completely dry and clean. Setup of a brand-new one can be made with the assistance of a knowledgeable appliance service repairman. It aids in setting specific cycles in the motion of the washer and the knobs ought to be utilized with correct treatment.

Complying with of the above stated information will help in giving a long and sturdy life. It is the main instrument in the washing machine as well as it aids to show the different length of cycles associated with each process. The working of the element is connected with majority of the components of the cleaning equipment. This assists in adjustting the total size of the washing cycle.

The timer tells the washer to do washing in the specific defined length of time. The start button in the machine is normally a component of the timer handle and helps in the setup of the time for the correct cycle of cleaning to take place. The washing machine can run only with the aid of the timer. It helps in setting certain cycles in the operation of the washer and also the knobs must be used with correct care.
It is the primary control used in the washing machine and it assists to operate the different length of cycles entailed in each washing process.

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